Customer Experience: A Millennial Approach

“Customer experience is the new battleground for differentiation in the Market.” 

With millennials reaching an age where they have significant buying power and market influence, we’ve seen a dramatic change in society. This change is driven by the extremely fast evolution […]

By Margaret Livermore|

Mobility is the Foundation of Customer Experience

Businesses and organizations of any type and size seem to have “mobility” high on their agenda of “technologies we need to adopt.” Ever since the advent of the cellular phone and the personal digital assistant, technologists have been pushing to […]

By John Sarich|

Digital Transformation is here

In his article “Digital Business is Everyone’s Business,” Jorge Lopez, Gartner Inc., said “By 2020, more than seven billion people and businesses, and at least 30 billion devices, will be connected to the Internet. With people, businesses and things communicating, […]

By Margaret Livermore|